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Abbey Bike Tools Micro Modular Bearing Press

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The Micro Modular Bearing Press is designed with smaller hub and suspension bearings in mind. With drifts to service bearings with an inside diameter of 13 millimeters and smaller, this is a great choice for those smaller, more delicate bearings.

The press head features a true thrust bearing; this unique feature keeps the press action super smooth and cuts down on the effort required. The thrust bearing isolates all of the torque from the compression, which allows your bearing to go in square. It works so well that you don't need even need handles.

The press head has a 6mm hex in the top of the press head so you can use it as a bail out gear in case you find something that is fitting excessively tight.

Drifts included to precisely fit bearing sizes:

- 608
- 608_9
- 609
- 619
- 688
- 6000
- 6001
- 6701
- 6800
- 6801
- 6802
- 6900
- 6901
- 6902