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We're Green!

At Bikesport, we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.  Here are a few ways we're doing our part:
Bikesport is sustainably responsible

  • Have a bathroom with a shower and lockers for a commuter-friendly workplace.
  • Recycle old bike tubes, but then we took it a step further and made a deal with Creamery Tire (the best guys around!) to recycle your old tires along with their old car tires. No fees to our customers for this.  
  • Our trash company takes our cardboard, plastic, glass, cans and office paper, and they actually keep it separated!
  • Scrap metal - we're now able to get a little cash for all those spare frames and metal parts that are unfixable - we dropped off what we had at Phoenixville Scrap Yard and got $19 which helps pay for the gas required to get there and the time spent sorting it.
  • Our light bulbs and ballasts have been replaced by smarter ones that are not harmful in landfills.  That was in 2019 and we have NOT had to change a bulb at all yet!
  • Paperless Payroll. Bikesport employees log on to a website to view their pay-stubs - and everyone is on direct deposit.
  • We use a cloud-based POS system.  It allows us to email your receipts.  
  • Like most bike shops, we drink beer.  Ours are in cans.  Less cost to ship.  Better for recycling.
    And we share our building with a beer store!  Convenient! 
  • Speaking of paperless, our bookkeeping department is paperless, too!  We pay as many bills as possible by direct debit to our account.  We don't get invoices mailed, we get them emailed.  We don't print them, rather we store them in the cloud.
  • We totally harass each other every time we use plastic anything....cups, forks, bags, etc.  We seriously try to drink from
    bike bottles or glasses, and eat off real plates.
  • We ride bikes whenever possible!
  • If you prefer to have a bag for your purchase, take one of our brown paper bags.  And reuse it.

 Bicycle Friendly Business

Bikesport has been recognized since 2011 as a Bicycle Friendly Business

GVF - A Transportation Management Association

Bikesport has received the 2017 Silver Level Sustainability Award

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