Mission & Story

Our mission is to provide a terrific bicycling experience to every customer by providing great products, information, education, and the best service possible.

We could never meet our mission without practicing our philosophy:

  • To treat every person with kindness and respect. 
  • To provide products and services at a fair price. 
  • To provide timely and efficient service to every customer. 
  • To understand that this bike shop's ability to thrive is purely due to our customers' patronage.

Our Story

Bikesport is a family owned bike shop founded in August 1990 with enthusiasm, excitement, suspense, and a strong mindset of success.  Allowing the business to fail was never going to be an option.

The business plan was simple:  Keep your customers happy.  Treat them with respect. Don’t just say “unconditional guarantee”. Say it and MEAN it.  Hire good people.  Teach them well and treat them well.  Be good to your community.  Believe in what you sell.

Now in its 29th year, Bikesport still proudly makes Trek Bicycles its #1 brand and enjoys the benefits of carrying other bike brands like Electra, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, and FIT BMX; as well as some other niche companies like Buddy Bike, Niner, and Dahon.  Because of these partnerships, we feel we are able to offer many choices to accommodate every rider's style and needs.

Our website is one door to our shop, but the real door is more fun and friendly. Stop by to see us and see how we can change your life.

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