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Meet Our Staff

Ginny Politz


In addition to keeping the eccentric cast of characters working at the shop in line, Ginny balances working on the sales floor, running offsite events, and is a strong advocate for bicycle and pedestrian safety in the community. Her many hats keep her vital to the Bikesport mission and to the organizations to which she gives her time. 

Likes:  Travelling, Cycling, and Christmas

Dislikes:  Horror Movies, Rap music, and hot weather

Topher - Store Manger

Chris "Topher"  

Store Manager est 1999

Topher has been in the game so long that the only question to ask is, “Is there anything he can’t do?” He’s our own personal encyclopedia of all things bike. Along with all of his gear knowledge, he knows how to send your bike out of our shop in style. He’s always up to date with the hottest trends in the industry. He also races in the SS Expert and Elite Open classes for our Mountain Bike Team. When he’s not in the shop, you can most likely find him spending time with his dog, hitting the trails, or drinking coffee at his favorite local spot.                  .

Likes: good music and great coffee.

Dislikes: chain restaurants and cheap beer.

James "Legs"


est 2013

After 10 years in the cycling industry, Steve has a wealth of knowledge regarding all facets of bikes and can guide you to your new bike purchase easily.  He's also a fit expert, and can get you sized perfectly for any cycling experience and can confidently lead you to your best option for a bike, whether its a full suspension mountain bike, a full carbon road bike, or bikes for you and your family.  He can mostly be found riding on local roads and trails.  

Likes: Dr. Who, strong coffee, and aged whiskey.

Dislikes: anything decaf.

James "Legs"

est 2014

James is a jack of all trades. But, we got lucky that bikes happen to be his hobby, his passion, and his career.  He's been working on bikes for twenty-five years, so it makes sense that his cycling crosses all genres. James is our go to person for getting the perfect fit for our customers and their bikes. When he's not riding, he's usually listening to or playing music, and he loves jamming with other musicians.

Likes: running, riding, getting into trouble.

Dislikes: tribute bands.



est 2014

Nick has been working on bikes consistently for the past 4 years. Although he’s relatively new to being a mechanic, he isn’t new to bikes. And like many of our mechanics, he’s been working on his own bikes for a long time. Mountain biking is his favorite, hands down. And when he’s not in the shop fixing bikes, he’s off tinkering with cars.

Likes: adventures, backpacking, and camping.

Dislikes: centipedes and humidity.