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Bring us your bikes for repair and maintenance!
Many repairs (like flat tires) can be completed while you wait, but repairs and maintenance that take a bit longer require an appointment.  It may take up to 2 weeks to get your repair scheduled.   Once scheduled, there may be delays in getting the parts required to complete your service, otherwise you can expect a 48 hour turn-around time
Please call us at 610 489 7300 to make your appointment now.


Bike Repair Service

Bike Repair & Service From Bikesport

Bikesport is a full-service bicycle shop. We'll take care of all your cycling needs. We boast a very trained and seasoned staff in both the bike repair and sales departments. Our service technicians have received expert training and are always looking forward to handling all your needs -from basic bike maintenance to overhauling your well-loved bike. We offer several additional services in order to accommodate everything you might need to feed your love of cycling!

Whether you purchased your bike here or elsewhere, we're happy to handle your tune-ups and repairs. If you purchased parts or accessories elsewhere and need them installed, we're also happy to do that!  When we say "full-service", we mean it.

Repair Services

Type of ServicePriceServices Include:
Basic Tune-Up$79.99 Adjust front and rear brakes, adjust front and rear shifting, lubricate chain, inspect tires, check tire pressure, inspect for wear and tear, thorough wipe down of frame.
Complete Tune-Up$139.99Basic Tune-Up PLUS: Adjust wheel hubs, adjust headset, adjust bottom bracket, front and rear lateral and vertical wheel truing, and clean drivetrain components. Bike wash, including wheels and tires.
Ultimate Tune-up$249.99Complete Overhaul & Conditioning, includes the complete tune-up PLUS complete bicycle disassembly down to the frame.  Repack all bearing sets on hubs, headset, & bottom bracket; professional reassembly that includes replacement of all brake and derailleur cables.

E-Bike Tune-up


Clean, lubricate, and adjust all primary components.
Drivetrain checked and adjusted.
Frame, rims, and tires wiped down.
Software update if available.

Additional Services

Type of ServiceService Includes:
Tire Repair
  • Remove tire and tube from wheel
  • Diagnose cause of flat
  • Replace punctured tube
  • Reinstall wheel with tube
  • Tube included
Derailleur Adjustment
  • Inspection and adjustment of front or rear shifting system
  • Recalibration of cable tension
  • Chain/cassette/chainring inspection
Chain Replacement
  • Install new chain (chain not included)
  • Check calibration of shifting system
Gear System Detailing (Drive Train Cleaning)
  • Remove and clean derailleurs, chain, cassette and cranks
  • Inspect rear derailleur hanger alignment
  • Reinstall drivetrain components
Brake Adjustment
  • Resurfacing of brake pads
  • Cleaning of rims
  • Realignment of brake pads
  • Recalibration of brake springs
  • Retensioning of brake cable
Brake Installation
  • Removal and cleaning of front or rear braking system
  • Reinstallation of braking system components
Hub Overhaul
  • Disassembling and cleaning hub
  • Reassembling and lubricating hub
  • Adjusting hub bearings

Wheel Truing

  • Tensioning of wheel
  • Straightening of wheel
Headset Overhaul
  • Disassembly and cleaning of headset
  • Reassembly of headset
  • Adjusting headset bearings
Packaging Your Bike for Shipping
  • Protective materials on tubes, block fork blades, disconnect cables as needed
  • All loose parts bagged or boxed as needed
  • Box sealed, dimensions and weight provided
Build Your Boxed Bike Purchased Online or Elsewhere
  • Assemble Bike
  • Includes Complete Tune-up  
  • Additional Accessories (kickstands, rear racks, etc) installed for a fee

Special Projects

  • Billed at $90/hour labor rate