Race Teams

Bikesport Teams:

Bikesport's Racing Team


2016 Season

Matty B Mike Yarnell Topher Valenti
Joe Caruso Maria Gaasche Pat Engleman
Brandon Haslip Johnny Hazel Dagny Palmer
Bruce McLaughlin Jim Ciocciola Glenn Stephenson
Jeff Allen Nick Shaffer Andrew Farkas
Nick Stumpo Ida Marano Anthony Citrullo
Damon Daywalt Tom German Todd Palmer
Tommy Quinn Joe Liston Eric Ness
Griffin Allen Jam Smith Jill Morgan
Kristen Weir Colby Barth Ian Quinlan
Chris Hartnell Damien Talese

Owen J Roberts Mountain Biking Team

The Owen J. Roberts Mountain Biking Team is for student athletes in grades 6 -12! The objective of the team is to have fun while improving mountain biking skills in a safe environment with the goal of competing against similarly skilled and experienced teams from throughout Pennsylvania. OJRMTB started in 2016, the same year that the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League was formed, the co-ed team.