Free Clinics

Free Clinics

These Clinics are in addition to our regularly schedule
which is offered at 9:30 a.m. on the first Saturday
of each month at Bikesport

Details about the clinics:
No fees.
No registration.
Just show up!

2017 Winter Schedule

 FREE Clinic Description Dates
Indoor Training
Attach your bike to an indoor trainer for a fast an efficient "at home" workout!  Come try out our trainers and you can buy one for 15% off today!

Saturday, Jan. 7th
11 a.m.

Triathletes looking ahead
You already have the triathlon "bug", but who do you turn to when you are ready to go to the next level?  John Kenny, of French Creek Racing, explains.  Stay after the clinic for individual questions and answers.

Saturday, Jan. 14th
11 a.m.

Winter Gear for Cold Weather Cycling
Layering sounds like the simple solution, but there's more to it than that.  Come find out what clothing and accessories you'll need to stay active on your bike in cold weather.

Saturday, Jan. 21st
11 a.m.

Zwift makes indoor cycling fun! Learn how to join the top rated digital cycling community.  See it, try it, see the features firsthand.

Saturday, Jan. 28th
11 a.m.

Advocates of Safe Cycling
Which organizations are really the ones that are making safe cycling a reality?  How do we get our voices heard? 

Saturday, Feb. 4th
11 a.m.

Going Tubeless
No need to stop and fix a flat tire.  Go tubeless and watch the flat fix itself!  We'll show you the hows and whys.

Saturday, Feb. 11th
11 a.m.

New Bike Owners
Regular bike care, keeping your bike clean, cleaning your chain and gears, properly lubing, frame care, safety check, and proper storage.  Invaluable information for any bike owner!

Saturday, Feb. 18th
11 a.m.

Bikes and Bodies
Learn how to maximize your performance and get tips on breathing, bikes, your body, and hitting those beats!  Guest host:  Dr. Joe Baker of Limerick Chiropractic. 

Saturday, Feb. 25th
11 a.m.

Bicycle Safety
What ARE the rules of safe cycling on the road, on the trail, and in the woods?

Saturday, Mar. 4th
11 a.m.

Clipping In
What are the benefits of clipping in to your pedals?  We'll show you! 

Saturday, Mar. 11th
11 a.m.

BMX Quick Repairs
Kids who ride understand stuff breaks.  Learn how to take care of some of the basic quick repairs on your own.

Saturday, Mar. 18th
11 a.m.

Electric Pedal-Assist Bikes
Try one out and find out how you might benefit from a boost in power.  So much fun!!

Saturday, Apr. 1st
11 a.m.

Kids Balance Bikes
A bike with no pedals?  Yes...your child will learn to ride a bike better and earlier.  Big kids will show little ones how these work on a fun and easy outdoor course.  For kids ages 2-5 and their parents. 

Saturday, Apr. 8th
11 a.m.